Feature Film | Fantasy/Drama 


Logline: Post-suicide attempt, a New Orleans dancer seeks to uncover traumatic memories while her soul battles those from Shado-World who try to prevent her from remembering. 


  • Big Apple Film Festival Screenwriting Competition: Semi-Finalist

  • "8" on The Black List

NIGHT NURSE_052421.jpg

Night Nurse
TV Series | Horror/Drama 


Co-writer: Danielle Evans

Logline: A New Orleans Medical Assistant desperate to pay for cancer treatment answers a mysterious ad for a Night Nurse position, only to discover her employers are vampires, auctioning off children as blood sources to other vampire clans.


  • New York New Stories: Runner-up TV Pilot

  • Big Apple Film Festival Screenwriting Competition: Finalist


2020 – present

The themes I mostly play around with are mental illness, trauma, social and racial issues, feminist issues, religion, living in the South, interracial relationships, and environmentalism. These themes are normally played out under the following genres: fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, drama, horror, and satire. Because some of my scripts are led by characters of color, I hope to co-write alongside screenwriters and producers who share the same identities to the characters in these scripts, if they were to be sold or optioned.